I was listening to Poison's Theme in Ultra Street Fighter 4 whilst scrolling through your blog and it looks like Barbara is jamming to it lol


LOL listen to any song on my blog while looking at her and she rocks out. I love Barbara. 


Hey hey hey people!

Still getting caught up from the Evo show, was great meeting everyone!

So here we are with the first batch of new products we premiered at Evo!

First of all new posters for both BlazBlue and Skullgirls!

The first three for blazblue designed by Selenoring

Chronophantasma    Ragna    Jin

And the Mu-12 poster featuring artwork by ScrubbyInk!

Sword of Doom


Next up, new Skullgirls posters!

Two by the man himself, Alex Ahad!

Heroines    Villainess

Followed up with three by Yojio!

Cartoon Cronies    Ladies and Gentlemen    Shibui


And last but not least a new button set, designed by Nyorou Mutou!

Available in three sets of 5 or individually, collect all 15!

Set A    Set B    Set C

Check everything out, and stay tuned for more updates on our officially licensed merch in the near future!

Livestream Time

gonna stream some shit. come by if you want, 

share it to spread the word and come also. :) Thanks 

What was your reaction to the Rayman trophy?

Possibly a sign that Barbara or maybe Globox might be confirmed? 

What's your reaction to the latest smash news?

Pretty good stuff so far. 

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here. i’ve enhanced this gif’s power with some music.

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I don’t normally reblog things but this worth it and it fits so fucking well. This song and this gif. 

Oh? POF? I don’t really know that, how did u find me on that place ? Interesting. I m glad you like my work. Follow u too. : )

I deactivated that account though. I was randomly looking and saw your art and I instantly loved it! I had to follow. please post more! Thank you for following me. Please post more art

Hey Happy Summer! Hope you all are enjoying it. 

Platinum the Trinity

Platinum the Trinity

Platinum the Trinity. Yes I’ve entered the world of BlazBlue.

Platinum the Trinity. Yes I’ve entered the world of BlazBlue.